New & Notable

Elektra's Spin Control for Kentfield ORC earned his NOFCA CC with multiple hunt wins! Kentfield Wheatland Topogigio won the WRA National fun match and was BOS at the WRA National! AND her full sister, Kentfield Perfect Poison was Best Puppy AND BOS in match at the NAWRA National fun match!


Belgian import Oochigea's Gracylius is going to be bred to Elektra's Infineon RCH ORC CC CM -- this should produce an exciting combination of looks, brains, speed, talent and lure-intensity. A breeding is also planned between Belgian import Oochigea's Epicentre and Rosmor's White Squall SRCHII ("Chip") which should also give us moderate, attractive dogs with all the drive in the world. Learn more here.

Beautiful, Correct, Functional, Fast

Welcome to the website of Kentfield and Elektra Whippets. We are located on a small farm in the picturesque wine country of Northern California. It is an ideal location for raising and training performance whippets -- close to fields where we can let our dogs free-run and exercise as well as many racing, lure coursing and open field coursing opportunities.

Nearly every weekend throughout the year, and throughout North America, you will see Kentfield or Elektra whippets doing what whippets were bred to do -- and having the time of their lives.

There is just nothing that can quite compare to owning, loving, and living with a performance-bred whippet.

Kentfield Anaxo ORC

Small, cute, versatile -- BOB at the AWC National Lure Course, Anaxo is also close to finishing her RCh and FCh.

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