My husband began his lifelong love of whippets as a child in 1934, in his home country of England, when his family purchased a little, black whippet as a pet. After moving to the United States in 1958, he again took up his addiction to this wonderful breed by purchasing a lovely, fawn bitch named Aida from breeder Wendy Howell (GreatCircle).

We became involved in racing when my husband purchased a 10 week old puppy bitch named Carmen from a race breeder in our area around 1978. We bred our first litter out of Carmen with the help of Randall Robbins (Jandall) in 1982 and today, a few of our whippets still go back to that first litter. Carmen lived to 17 yrs of age and several of her childen have also lived to 16 yrs.

Although we participate occasionally in the show ring and lure coursing, we can be found most every weekend racing our whippets or open field coursing them. We have been fortunate to have bred or owned many meet winners, hunt winners and Best in Field winners. Carmen herself produced 10 sprint champions, 11 oval racing champions and numerous open field coursing champions and lure coursing champions.

Late in the '80's we changed from the American whippet racing lines that we started with to more English and European whippet racing lines. We felt the English/European type was more to our liking as they tended to be much smaller in height with better substance and overall conformation. The English whippet type was also the original whippet type and my husband was always attracted to the smaller whippets he remembered from his childhood in England. Not only were we happy with the overall look of these lines but we also found the temperaments very much to our liking.

Our whippets have great character and wit and are the most devoted of pets; yet, not lacking at all in great ratting,mousing and coursing ability. We have also been extremely impressed by their sensible and smart approach to race training and ease of handling by strangers. All of our whippets live together without the use of kennels, crates (except for feeding) or kennel runs.

Whippets are such peaceable creatures that we have never felt the need to kennel or crate them for any reason. During the daytime, the dogs have access to a number of dog doors that lead out onto a deck, a sunroom amd several large yards. Depending on the weather, they can either sun themselves outside on the deck, in the enclosed sun room or even under the covers if they so desire. Since we find our whippet pups to be well mannered house guests, we have never felt the need to separate or confine them in any way and they learn many valuable lessons in behavior by watching and following the adults about on their daily walks and play sessions.

Just Hanging Out

A group of Kentfield whippets lounging on the sofa together, happy and harmonious.